What you need to know about working with us

Thank you for choosing Graffiq as your web services provider/designer. Please take a few moments to read through our terms and conditions of business. It will help you understand how we can work together best on your first project and future projects.

Graffiq – Terms and conditions of business

 These are the terms and conditions of business for the ‘Service Provider’, Graffiq, whose business address is Marlowe Innovation Centre, Marlowe Way, Ramsgate, Kent . CT12 6FA, email

Your authorisation to proceed with a project or assignment is deemed as your complete acceptance of these terms and conditions.

These terms of business shall remain in force at all times when working with Graffiq.

1. Working hours

Normal working hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays/Public Holidays.

2. Service location

Work is carried out at the business address.  Work may also take place remotely including at the owner’s business premises on occasion, if necessary and by prior agreement.

3. Work undertaken

Graffiq’s services include website design, design for print and web use, website support, website hosting and maintenance plans, website hosting, and domain management services. Graffiq reserves the right to refuse to undertake any website project or assignment, if it considers the project to be inappropriate by any means, or will damage the reputation of Graffiq.

4. Ownership of property and intellectual property

All property you provide to Graffiq for the purposes of completing a project, remains your property and will be returned to you on completion of the project.

All design work carried out by Graffiq remains the intellectual property of Graffiq  until all related invoices are paid in full.

Graffiq does not accept responsibility for the end use of any documentation or images produced or edited on your behalf including use of images, artwork or intellectual property provided by you for use on a project. You must agree to respect copyright laws with relation to others intellectual property rights.

5. Web Hosting

Our website hosting is provided on a fully managed server, based in a UK datacentre who provide 24/7 support and offer a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. As your hosting arranger, Graffiq cannot accept any liability for unavailability, malfunction or interruption of their services and cannot recompense you of any losses caused by a service outage but will contact their support team and liaise with them until any outage is resolved. If we believe that any content or activity on your website does not adhere to the hosting company’s terms and conditions, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend your website/email hosting package with immediate effect.  A copy of the company’s hosting agreement can be provided upon request.  Hosting is provided on either an annual basis, or on a monthly basis and is payable in advance.  One full month’s written notice is required to terminate any hosting arrangement.  Where a month’s notice is not provided, full payment equal to one month’s hosting will be due.  

6. Domain registration and management

Upon request, Graffiq will register your chosen domain name. For a nominal fee, in addition to the actual cost of the domain, we will manage the domain, appropriate records and renewals on your behalf. A copy of the domain agent’s terms of registration can be provided to you upon request. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the domain records are kept up to date with any changes including name changes, address and contact details.

You’ll need to ensure that Graffiq are kept up to date with your correct contact details, as we both have a responsibility to do so to the domain registrar. You will be invoiced for all domain name renewals in advance of it becoming due to the domain agent, unless this is included as part of your monthly website hosting and care plan. If payment isn’t received by the expiry date, your domain name will not be renewed and you risk losing it permanently as it will eventually become available for public release.

7. Travel expenses

Any travel expenses incurred by Graffiq whilst on assignment for the Service User will be invoiced accordingly at a rate of £0.60p* per mile. This includes travelling to and from the client’s office or agreed meeting place, to collect or deliver work, or to the client’s office to work on site.  

8. Additional expenses

Any expenses incurred by Graffiq in relation to a project will be charged at the relevant amount and invoiced accordingly. This includes printing, postage or any other materials required in order to complete a project to the client’s specification.

9. Deposits & Payments

An invoice will be issued before commencement of any project.  This invoice should be paid in full as per the payment terms on the invoice in order for the project to go ahead.  On payment of invoice, your project will be started, or scheduled on a future date as agreed between both parties.

10. Payment

All invoices are payable by the due date stated on the invoice. This is usually 7 days from the date of invoice.

We accept payment by the following methods:

Preferred payment methods:  Automated BACS transfer, Standing Order.  
The majority of our customers pay using our preferred payment methods, so our standard charges itemised on your invoice include a small discount as a thank you for paying promptly by our preferred payment methods. 

Other payment methods:  Cheques made payable to Victoria Mace.  
Direct Debit, Debit/Credit Card  via GoCardless or PayPal.
NB.  If you wish to pay via any of these other payment methods, please let us know in advance so that your payment details can be set up accordingly.  

Our bank details are provided on your customer invoice.  

Please do not send cash payments through the post as these cannot be traced and we cannot accept responsibility for non-receipt of cash payments.  

11. VAT

Graffiq is not currently VAT registered and does not charge VAT on invoices.  However, when using suppliers such as domain registrars or printers who do charge VAT, this will form part of our charges in order that we cover our costs. 

12.  Late payment/non-payment

If payment is not received within the above terms, or the terms detailed on the invoice, one reminder will be sent.

Where payment is more than 14 days overdue, statutory interest will be applied. Statutory interest is equal to 8% plus the Bank of England base rate for business to business transactions. A new invoice will be issued including the statutory interest.

All web hosting payments must be received by the due date.  Late payments will result in suspension of your hosting account, which may affect your website and email services where applicable.

If you are experiencing payment difficulties, please contact immediately to see what options are available you.

13.  Confidentiality & Non Disclosure

All projects undertaken by Graffiq are treated as confidential except where end use of the work is available in the public domain. Once in the public domain (such as websites or printed marketing material), then it may be used as part of the Graffiq business portfolio and details may be made available on our website as part of our portfolio or references. If you do not wish your project to be used as part of our business portfolio, please notify us immediately, in writing, on completion of your project, or at any time beforehand.

Where the Client has their own confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement, please provide a copy for us to review.  Our agreement to this will not be unreasonably withheld.

14. Proof reading, errors and print proofs

Graffiq endeavours to provide a high standard of work.  However, we are human, mistakes may occasionally happen.  For this reason, we ask that you check and sign off all work where accuracy is important before signing it off and within a period of no later than 7 days from receipt of the completed project. Final proof-reading remains the responsibility of the client. In the event of an error being found, please notify us immediately and we will rectify the mistake as soon as reasonably possible and free of charge if this is within 7 days from handover of the work. If we do not hear from you with 7 days from receipt of the completed work or a project going live, we will regard the project as being signed off.  Any additional changes after this day will remain chargeable.

Where a print proof is issued prior to a print job being carried out, it is essential that this is checked carefully and completely before providing your authorisation to print. Once the print job has been ordered, it cannot be modified, and any reprints will incur further costs which will be invoiced to you.

15. Anti-virus disclaimer

We are all at risk of obtaining software viruses on our computers when interacting online. Graffiq will always ensure that up to date anti-virus software is in operation on computer equipment and we ask the same of you, the Client.

Graffiq accepts no liability for any damaged caused by viruses, corrupt files sent or received through transmission of files or any other means, or for damage caused by malicious software to your website.

16. Changes to these terms and conditions of business

Graffiq may from time to time review and update these terms of business. If we do update them, we will republish them on our website at   Any significant changes will be recorded in section 18. Updates & Revisions..

17. Privacy Policy

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy which can be found on our website at

18. Updates & Revisions
Section 7 Travel expenses amended 22/3/2022 from .45p per mile to .60p per mile cost to take into account rising fuel costs.

Graffiq terms and conditions of business copyright 2022.  Updated 22 March 2022.